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With clearly defined roles, recruitment becomes much more precise.

You know what you’re recruiting for and what sort of person you’re looking for.

Your existing people know what’s expected of them and to what standard.


A thorough analysis ensures all work has been captured and each category of work sits with the most appropriate role.  The best way to do this is through interviews and workshops.

Role profile

Next a clear description of the key tasks and accountabilities of the role can be prepared in the form of a role profile.  This document will also include what sort of person is required in terms of abilities, skills, circumstances and qualifications.

Salary Benchmarking

A comparison of other similar roles in the market place can then be made.  This helps you define salary banding for recruitment purposes.  It also shows current percentage of banding for existing role-holders, allowing them to be clear on their potential earnings and what it takes to earn that.

Competency Framework

Defines “what good looks like” for every aspect of the role.  Assessment days are ideally designed using a competency framework as a basis.  The competence of existing role-holders can be reviewed against this.  If you’re recruiting, you’re now in a position to start a recruitment campaign and assess candidates.