Clearlife HR Consultancy – The right people

Once the work or role has been defined, you can move to ensuring you recruit the right people,

Or help your existing people to develop and grow.

Recruitment Campaigns


Choosing the right media to advertise your vacancy is crucial to a successful campaign.  Do you use print, online, professional publications?  Balancing coverage with cost and effort is also an important consideration.  Finally the copy writing of your advertising makes all the difference to who is attracted to your vacancy.  Get that right and you’re on the way to finding the right person.

Handling the Response

Consider the way you respond to applicants.  Getting it right will give a positive impression of your company, whether you’d like to take their application further or not.  Deciding on the best way to screen applicants will save you time and money at the stage where you’re considering candidates and will take you further along your road to the right person.

Psychometric Tools

These provide powerful, objective insight. They allow you to compare individuals, or use current successful role-holders’ results as a benchmark.

Critical Reasoning Tests

Objective assessment of capability is one of the most difficult challenges when recruiting. Reasoning tests reliably indicate candidates’ potential.  They can be used at the screening stage, or as part of an assessment day.  They can also be used in selection for talent development programmes, allowing you to screen potential participants. They can be used to assess these areas:

  • Verbal
  • Numerical
  • Abstract
  • Memory and attention

Personality Profiling

Used as one element of your recruitment process, personality profiling gives an indication of role suitability and team fit. Profiling is particularly powerful when the results are used during interview, or as part of an assessment centre.

Used with your existing people, the profiling helps identify areas of strength and areas for development. It allows individuals to examine their behaviour and determine strategies and approaches for change.

Assessment Days (often known as Assessment Centres)

Assessment days can be used for recruitment, where carefully designed exercises allow you to replicate as far as possible, key elements of the role you’re recruiting for.  Used for development, they are designed along similar lines and are invaluable in helping your existing people develop and improve their performance and provide a useful basis for identifying learning needs.

These can consist of a number of elements, depending on the competency requirements for the role, but can include:

  • Structured interviews
  • Group exercises
  • Presentation exercises
  • Written exercises
  • 360º feedback process