Clearlife HR Consultancy – The right skills

Analysis of learning needs

The most effective way of delivering the right solution, is for me to spend time with you and your people to analyse exactly what learning and development will help you be the best.

The methods I use: 

  • Your ideal is the best starting point – I examine role profiles and competencies for each job
  • Customer feedback tells the most important story, so I look at as much as possible – negative or positive
  • Your managers are vital sources of information about how things are, so interviews with them are key
  • Consulting with people is the best way of engaging them and engaged people are more productive people. Interviews and focus groups are a really good way of understanding where they are and what they think

The key to knowing the truth

Finally and most importantly, I want to see and hear what really happens. So whether that’s seeing and hearing you and your people deal with customers, seeing how you come across in a presentation, or observing your managers carry out a review meeting, it’s the most important thing I do. Nothing beats observing face to face interactions or listening to calls – it’s that simple.

Learning Curriculum

From the analysis of learning needs, a role-specific curriculum can be devised, which details every skill area required by the role. Following this, role-holders can be assessed for their own individual learning needs.

A blended Learning Approach

Once learning needs have been established, solutions can be created using a blended learning approach.