Clearlife HR Consultancy – Recent projects

Right work, right people

An Executive Team wanted to identify the best people in thier organisation to form a new Senior Management Team.  In consultation with the Exec Team, I created a competency framework.  I then designed and delivered an assessment process, which incorporated psychometric assessments and group, written and presentation exercises.

Right skills

An HR team wanted to improve management capability in their company.  I designed a management curriculum and sourced blended learning solutions.  I also designed and delivered part of the curriculum.

A medium-sized company wanted to see an improvement in customer feedback via Net Promoter Score (NPS).  I delivered a large customer service skillsprogramme of one-day seminars for 320 members of staff from CEO downwards. This was followed by bespoke training throughout the company, including written skills & telephone skills. The work contributed to a gradual improvement in NPS.

The same medium-sized company wanted to see an improvement in the retention of new starters and for them to be more effective earlier.  I researched, designed and delivered a new starter programme including:

  • Company Induction
  • Customer service sessions
  • Key topics sessions

A mixture of everything!

A company wanted to make its business development team more effective and improve the number they retained.  I created a competency framework and designed an assessment centre.  I then carried out a learning needs analysis, through document analysis, field observation and interviews.  I then designed a learning curriculum and soureced learning solutions.

Designed and implemented a talent development programme including: