Clearlife HR Consultancy
The right work, done by the right people, with the right skills.

Want to be clear about what effective, competent performance looks like?
Want to make sure you recruit the right new people and provide the development your existing people need?
Want to make sure you and your people have the right skills to do your jobs?

Clearly define roles

Role profiles and a competency framework will help you do this.  They provide a common understanding about what good really looks like for a particular role. Allowing you to recruit effectively and your existing people to see what they’re aiming for.  They also enable you to develop and reward your people fairly and consistently.

Run effective recruitment campaigns

Placing compelling vacancies and searching for candidates in the right place will start you on the right road.

Assess objectively

Follow this up by accurately assessing candidates and helping your existing people develop by reviewing their competence.

Analyse learning needs thoroughly

This acurately identifies what those skills are, it removes the guess work and allows you to save money through only providing learning & development activity which is really needed.

Create bespoke learning & development solutions

This will ensure those skills are developed effectively, through delivering clear, straightforward learning & development, which incorporates plenty of skills practice.